Friday, August 27, 2010

a little crazy background

confession #1: i am not in bolivia.
i am in my bedroom, beneath the slanted ceiling, stealing an entry away from my bolivia blog. but i've got to start now 'cause,
confession #2: i am not doing SIT study abroad this semester. i'll clear up the confusion: study abroad was a good idea, but the execution was a little off (yes ari, that's a reference to the most recent episode of top chef). anyway, i decided to take time off from school to volunteer in bolivia instead. so i will still be in cochabamba for 4 months having an amazing time, but i'll be volunteering through sustainable bolivia - a cool-and-legit-looking organization - instead of studying with SIT.
and that's why i have chosen such a wacky background template. i'll probably change my blog in the future and add a more appropriate background image, and i'll probably re-do the whole thing completely in a few years, so for any one reading this in 2026 when perhaps this blog will be a "baking with youngsters how-to guide," my current background involves some goofy cartoon robot astronauts blasting off into space. which is exactly the way i feel tonight.
for this, i am grateful and lucky.

hey toby, wanna fly away with me?