Friday, September 3, 2010

el segundo dia

this is the giant jesus christo that i can see from my room, i think it's the 2nd biggest in the world:

this is my friend gary, who lives in back of sustainable bolivia. he says i can interview him about his very interesting life!

also: today i met jorge, my spanish tutor. hes great! we had a three hour lesson but it was super fun. he taught me many new words and i showed him photos of food trucks from san francisco, including this korean taco truck, which he thought was funny:

then jorge and i walked through the university. he studied linguistics there and told me all about the different departments. apparently 50,000 attend la universidad mayor de san simon en cochabamba. today some of the classes were canceled because a fight erupted between law students after student elections, and the police fired tear gas into the crowd. crazy crazy! then we bought empanadas:

thank you google for the images.

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