Wednesday, September 15, 2010

important anecdotes

just want to mention a few things so that neither you nor i forget them...

1. last night i locked myself in the bathroom at maddie´s house.
maddie is my good friend from SIT (also good amigos con el jacob y el zach de nueva york). she´s living with a family in a neighborhood about fifteen minutes north of my apartment, and after chatting/skyping with jake at her house, i promptly locked myself into the bathroom. EMPUJA (push), her family yelled. i swear i was pushing really hard, but we still couldn´t manage to get the door open. it took about 20 minutes, and i even began imagining the firefighters arriving (that would take a while, i decided, as ive never seen firemen except in a parade) and/or having to sleep on the (very clean!) floor. oh, and the doornob broke off. maddie´s fam almost died laughing, except the dad, who is a lil grumpy butt sometimes but managed to both smoke a cigarette and eventually get me out.

2. i enjoyed my first bolivian party.
SALUD! thats really all there is to say. emma and i had a dance party afterwards.

3. maddie and i endured a really strange show tonight.
we were told that we were going to the theater, but it turned out to be a three hour super sexist/racist/homophobic bolivian satire! i cant fully explain it right now. one example of a sketch: really effeminate gays are trying to take over the world and make ricky martin their king! all guys are gay, they insist! the gays will pinch your butt and coo at you no matter how much you resist, so watch out. they may even grab you and try to make out (at which point the audience screamed and shrieked). funny? i felt a lot of pain while watching the show. not just because it was absolutely terrible but because there were lots of kids watching, and it disappoints me that they´re learning this kind of humor. maddie and are not sure what to make of our friends/family thinking this kind of show is so amazing.


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