Saturday, September 4, 2010

i took a picture

gary, kelly and i went to the market today and bought these flowers. gary is preparing sweet potatoes while we listen to zero 7.


  1. Hi Maya, it's your Uncle Michael with your cousins Jonah and Asher!!! Jonah made me write this. We really don't have anything to say, however. Boys? Asher is obsessed with pie. He says. Jonah is obsessed with Greek mythology. Especially all the Girl Power goddesses. Hey, this must be kind of embarrassing have this foolishness on your blog@ OK, Aunt Elizabeth just made Asher leave to take a shower. I'm about to read Stardust to the kids. Jonah says, "write 'I hope it's not too inappropriate,'" but actually Jonah does hope it's "inappropriate." Aunt Elizabeth says "Buenos Noches!" Or is that "Buenos Nachos?" Either way, I'm getting yelled at by your Aunt Elizabeth for futzing around on the computer instead of getting the boys to bed. I am in MUCHO TROUBLE!!!!