Sunday, September 5, 2010

what i did today

#1: woke up

#2: climbed the hill to jesus cristo! apparently it's actually the biggest jesus en todo el mundo. there's another one in brazil that's 33 meters high (because jesus lived for 33 years), but the one in cochabamba is 33 meters and a little bit high 'cause jesus didn't die on his birthday, right? right.

i went up to the cristo with gary (who hates the christo because it costs the city a lot of money, and there are still "ninos en la calle!"), as well as alex (an american kid from brown who would have loved cps with all of his eager heart), another volunteer whose name is pronounced oo-ny-ee, though i have no idea how to spell it and usually we just call him "el vasco" as he is basque, and also two bolivian girls named carolina and cynthia who study at the university and hang out with sustainable bolivia volunteers a lot.

map of basque country:

the walk was hard but super fun. apparently it can be dangerous to walk up because there are lots of pickpockets, but it's safe in a group. the view from the top is incredible. you can see all of cochabamba and even a town called sacaba that's nearby. i need to buy a camera!!

view of cocha from el cristo:

#3: descended the mountain as it stared to rain! continued descending as it rained harder! halfway down, it started pouring. this was disputably very fun.

#4: ate lunch. gary makes great vegetable soup and vegetable stir fries. it's sort of like what beth goldberg would cook if you picked her up and dropped her off in bolivia.

beth goldberg's best dish is arguably fish veracruz. it looks something like this:

#6: went walking through the city. it's pedestrian day today in cochabamba, so the city was almost entirely devoid of cars. instead there were crazy teenagers on bicycles and little kids on cute tricycles. lots of street dogs too, who would break any goldberg-safir's puppy-loving heart. and yummy street food! i tried a funny corn drink from santa cruz with a name i forget and also humintas - which i would describe as a moist, sweet tamale with cheese inside. then we chewed on the corn husk. muy rico.


also: i spend one dollar today. good deal for me.
additionally: it's funny that going abroad allows me to write so much about my days. hopefully i won't get too addicted to this excessive sharing...

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